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Training of Trainers

Theme: To Build A Pool of Competent Instructors Who Can Then Teach the Material to Other People.
Course Duration: 3 Days

Program Overview:

The Training of Trainers (ToT) program is intended to engage master trainers
in coaching new trainers that are less experienced with a particular topic or skill, or with training overall.

A ToT workshop can build a pool of competent instructors who can then teach the material to other people. Instead of having just one trainer who teaches a course for a long time, there are multiple trainers teaching the same course at the same time in the ToT model. This means a new participant typically gets to watch an experienced trainer
teach, complete the exercises, and then practice teaching segments to other participants.


This works both for professional Development courses as well as Best practice programs in various fields. The content is designed to build the knowledge and skill base of peer educators to enhance the overall knowledge base within the organisation.


Long team this has the enormous benefit of saving the organisation resources (both time and finance) which would be spent in outsourcing of staff training.

The exercises that follow might also be used in refresher training. Once trained, trainers need continuing support, including further training. This provides a way to help trainers stay aware of new material and sharpen their training skills.

Many topics and techniques described in this curriculum are accompanied by training notes. These provide information to help trainers understand why a topic is important or how specific techniques will contribute to the objectives of the peer education training of trainers.

Who Should Attend:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Training Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Leaders of teams
  • All managers whose function involves capacity development of their teams
Key Learning Outcomes
  • Apply current practices in delivering a training on a selected program.
  • Deliver proven facilitative skills to promote learner engagement, reflective practice, critical thinking, and skill acquisition.
  • Show mastery in delivering key training strategies commonly used; such as, brainstorming, processing/ process checks, role plays, and practice sessions.
  • Use appropriate levels of intervention when managing difficult training situations, including disruptive learner behaviors.
  • Initiate a personal plan of action to strengthen their training and facilitation skill.
Course Content:

Effective Team building and ice breaker games while trainees get to know each other.

Hands on training to level up your presentation game. Building confidence to present at a training session

Practice the facilitation skills needed to facilitate a group conversation effectively


Needs assessment, learning objectives, learning styles. Schedule design and exercise design – all the essentials to design a sound training agenda

  • Practicalities on how to use visuals in a training session. Hands on flip charts design activities

  • How to arrange a room to facilitate an interactive learning experience

  • Managing the attention and energy levels in the group. Dealing with challenging situations and participants.

Facilitation techniques to have a balanced mix of interaction throughout the training session

How to brief and debrief experiential learning activities. Using questions, the right way

Getting conscious of the dynamics within the group. Learn how to adjust to it as a trainer

Training Methodology:
  • Mini lectures
  • Role plays
  • Brain storming
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Video presentations
  • Demonstrations by the trainer
  • Practical group activities
  • Case studies