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Personal Finance Management

Theme: Daily Decisions and Actions Towards Financial Freedom
Course Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

Personal Finance primary objective is to provide participants with basic financial tools and knowledge that will enable them to build the lives they envision. The course will cover financial responsibilities, planning for the future, budgets, income and careers, spending and credit, saving and investing. The main focus is to understand how to plan for the future by planning for today.

The program includes a broad series of lessons and activities that offer a variety of modalities for ultimate student engagement and content retention.

With real incomes falling and personal debt at a record high, it’s vital to improve your personal finance skills.

This course starts by giving practical guidance on compiling a budget and using it to make good decisions about your spending.

You’ll explore debts and investments, and how mortgages are used to finance home ownership. The critical issue of pension planning is explained, with guidance on different products.

The course is crucial for establishing a secure financial base, avoiding finance-related stress and the debt cycle that has become so rampant among employees in recent times.

Who Should Attend:

  • All Staff

Course Content:

  • Demystifying the budgeting process
  • Developing discipline
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Guidelines to Debt and borrowing
  • Insurance and pension planning
  • Stretching the shilling
Course Content:
  • Understand the importance of both knowledge and behavior when it comes to managing money
  • Explains the three reasons to save: emergencies, large purchases and wealth building
  • Explore the purpose and process of writing a budget and the basics of banking, including balancing and reconciling a checking account
  • Examine banking services and how to prepare a budget
  • Identify the costs of using debt
  • Examine credit myths
  • Demystify the credit reference bureau
  • Summarizes major consumer credit law
  • Examine the importance of avoiding debt as a young adult
  • Explore both angles of consumerism: being a consumer vs being a business targeting consumer and the effect of inflation on buying power
  • Examine the importance of bargain shopping as part of a healthy financial plan and identifies important negotiation strategies
  • Understand basic investing guidelines
  • Describe and compare various types of investments
  • Identify elements of employer benefits and retirement plans
  • Identify the purpose of financial risk management as well as the appropriate and most cost-effective risk management strategies
  • Identify the differences among people’s values and attitudes as they relate to money and highlights communication strategies for discussing financial issues
  • Examine the importance of pursuing a career in line with your strengths
  • Explore elements of effective goal setting
  • Examine the best practices of successful people, and types of income and taxes
  • Examine the importance of giving of your time, talents and money in order to Explore all facets of the Stock Market 
  • serve others and leave a lasting legacy
Training Methodology:
  • Mini lectures
  • Role plays
  • Brain storming
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Video presentations
  • Demonstrations by the trainer
  • Practical group activities
  • Case studies