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Modern Trends in Sales and Marketing

Theme: Evolving Strategies in Sales and Marketing to get to and stay at the top
Course Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

The world of sales is changing rapidly and in many ways.

In the last few years, new technology evolved and became more accessible to businesses and sales teams across niches.

Top performers in Sales and Marketing are differentiated from the rest by their ability to find growth opportunities and sales trends before their competitors do. They have to keep abreast on what is coming in technology, regulations, demographics, and economics.

The growth of artificial intelligence, automation, influencer marketing and other advances in sales technology and techniques will bring new challenges and opportunities to sales and marketing in 2020 and beyond. Businesses that can’t keep up with the pace of these innovations may find it difficult to stand out from the competition.

This program is designed to help your team prepare for the challenges ahead.

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales and Marketing staff
  • Customer Care Professionals
  • Front office staff
  • Supervisors and Managers
Course Content:

Part 1: Marketing

Millennials used to be the ‘new’ generation that marketers and sales people needed to start focusing on – and while millennials are definitely increasing in terms of buying power, there is a new generation emerging the both marketers and sales people need to be aware of – Generation Z.

Any Marketing effort will be successful to the extent that it targets this crucial market segment.

Finding the right balance between automation and delivering a personalized, emotive service through human agents

Part 2: Sales

Making the most of social media for infinite reach

Building a team of influencers is the digital age’s answer to word-of-mouth marketing.

How to act as a consultant – help identify the needs of your client and then suggest products and solutions that meet those needs.

Developing a high sense of credibility

  • Niche marketing
  • Identifying key drivers
  • Identifying appropriate language to reach them
  • Determine exactly what you’re “selling”– fact benefit selling
  • Connect your audience and your product with benefits– answering the question ‘what is in it for me’
  • Understand the needs of your target audience– Identifying problems that your product or idea will help solve, and needs that it will address.
  • Highlighting yourUnique Selling Proposition (USP) 
  • The art of conversation
  • Asking the right questions
  • Helping rather than selling
  • Body language
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Finding the real root of the issue
Training Methodology:
  • Mini lectures
  • Role plays
  • Brain storming
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Video presentations
  • Demonstrations by the trainer
  • Practical group activities
  • Case studies