Soft Skills Ltd

Debt Collection and Credit Management Program

Theme: Effective Communication, Negotiation and Correspondence in debt Collection
Course Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

Don’t let tough economic times hurt your client relations

This one-day training module stems from the fact that Fast collection of cash is essential in any business. It is designed build and develop confident and skilled Finance Professionals who will reduce exposure to slow paying customers & bad debts.
Our Trainers are experts in their field with practical business experience. We aim to deliver inspiring and motivational training with current relevant content with is built firmly around the skills employers require.

Specific areas of training include:

  • Practical Debt Collection Techniques,
  • Effective Credit Sale Management,
  • Credit Control Skills &

Revenue Management in Accelerating Cash Flows.
As this is an open entry program, there’s opportunity to network, share experiences on practical solutions to collect quickly avoid bad debt while increasing sales and strengthening the debtor relationship.

For Whom Is This Course Relevant?

This course is suitable for debt collectors, account assistants, bankers, sales people, executives and manager/team leaders who are involved in debt collection

Program Content:
  • Effectively collect outstanding debt without damaging client Relations
  • Maintain a balance between customer service and recovery Management
  • Create and maintain professional relationship with clients
  • Understanding of how each individual/staff role impacts on the company’s cash flow as a whole.
    • How to reduce Long term outstanding debt
    • Different Strategies for effective monitoring and follow up skills for different debtor categories:
      • Corporate
      • Individuals
      • Government
      • Business Community
    • Erase collection hassles rampant during hard economic times
    • Best practices in debt collection
  • Result oriented telephone collection skills
  • Latest customer Care Cash Flow related practices to enable the team to copy with current debtors changing payment trends
Training Methodology:
  • Mini lectures
  • Demonstrations by the trainer
  • Brain storming
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Video recording and replay of participants speech presentations
  • Practical group activities
  • Individual planning activities Application of real-time, real-life case-studies